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This is a free daily reading project chronologically covering portions of the Bible in search of, and in meditation on, what it says about who the Son of God is (Jesus’ attributes), and about His teaching, miraculous activities, and relationships with people.  It begins with Old Testament prophecies about the coming Messiah.  We will apply to our own lives what we learn about Jesus and give opportunity to respond to Him in worship.  The more we know about Him and yield to Him, the more we will become like Him.

Legacy Standard Bible

We will feature the Legacy Standard Bible, a new revision (2021) of the New American Standard Bible, produced by Bible professors at Master’s University under the direction of Dr. John MacArthur.  Here are some of their helpful changes:

—Use [brackets] or italics to show words inserted for clarity,
—Use actual text, “Yahweh,” instead of the substitute, “the LORD,” of other translations,
—Capitalize the first letter of personal pronouns that refer to God.

    By signing up, you are committing yourself to God and to us to be faithful in reading. Being accountable greatly increases your chances of keeping up and completing the program. You will receive a weekly email and will be required to submit your reading status at the end of each month. The group’s overall accountability will be monitored and reported each month. An email confirming your reservation should be sent to you within 24 hours.

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