The Accountability Bible Readers programs help people be more faithful in regularly spending time in God’s Word. There is also an opportunity to join a team of individuals who make commitments to a regular reading program for the whole year. Those who are willing to join the group agree to report their reading progress at the end of each month so the team progress can be monitored and posted. This accountability tool will provide an incentive to be faithful. Anyone may use the materials without joining a team but those who join will very likely be more faithful by being held accountable.

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This material was originally developed by Rev. Ben West for the adult Sunday class he teaches at the Arbor Road Church in Long Beach, CA. It is somewhat like a journal of impressions obtained through daily reflections about each passage. Some of it involves information about the passage or how its principles are applicable to Christian living.

Although Ben grew up in a Christian home, his life was drastically changed when he surrendered his life to Christ in 1960.  At that time, he was an aerospace engineer but within three years he married and began studying for ministry in seminary.

Rev. Ben West

After graduating from seminary, he served as a missionary in the Philippines, served as a pastor in California, and then finished his career in engineering.

After the death of his wife, Ben has made twelve trips to the Philippines as a volunteer teacher at BTC/CGST for training Christian leaders and those planning to become pastors and missionaries.  When in California, he regularly teaches an adult class at his church. It was with them that he began developing Bible-reading plans to encourage daily devotional times.

He has two married daughters and six grandchildren.

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