Join others in a systematic year-long plan to regularly read the Bible along with daily devotional comments.

The featured study has an accountability element as an incentive to keep readers on track. Those who agree to join the accountability group are asked to report their progress at the end of each month. The group’s overall performance will be posted monthly.

Whole Bible

Two different methods for reading through the whole Bible (averaging 3.26 chapters per day and 7 days per week) are offered as follows:

1) Cover-to-Cover (C2C). Start at Genesis and finish up at Revelation.

2) Chronological (ABC). Start at Creation and read different parts of the Bible as events unfolded and writers recorded what God had spoken to them.

Bible Portions

1) New Testament. Matthew to Revelation at one chapter per day, five days per week.

2) Gospel Harmony. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John chronologically, presented in columns when they report the same subject–five days per week.

3) Kingdom Harmony. A chronological study of the kingdom period of Judah and Israel, presented in columns when different books consider the same subject. It primarily covers 1&2 Samuel, 1&2 Kings, and 1&2 Chronicles. There are readings five days per week with related optional readings for Saturdays and Sundays.

4) Knowing God. This is a seven-day-per-week chronological study of Bible passages that speak about who God is (His attributes) and what He does (His activities).